Mission & Vision

Able Hands was started in 1994 as a small Hand clinic when hand therapy was in its infancy. Over twenty years we grew into a very active and vibrant practice at three locations.

Our clinic was started with the sole purpose of providing high quality Hand Therapy to our patients in a friendly and informal setting. Our dream was to become one of the best hand therapy facility that all referring physicians and hand surgeons can trust!

Due to our hard work and dedication, we started gaining the trust of referring hand surgeons. We continued to provide them with excellent results consistently as well as a high level of patient satisfaction with their pre & post-surgical patients, esp. traumatic injuries.


Hand Therapist

We were able to get this trust due to our ability to customize each case and treatment plan very carefully, our ability to use our extensive experience to make timely interventions with our patients which is critical in Hand therapy, our unique ability to fabricate multiple custom, creative, static and dynamic splints to regain range and hand functions for our patients while maintaining a friendly and informal environment.

This mutually beneficial and valuable relationship immensely benefited us over last twenty years. We gained extensive and invaluable experience in successfully treating hundreds of patients flawlessly, making us capable hand therapists to manage any hand trauma cases.

Our dream did come true and we can now claim to be the best certified hand therapists for traumatic hand injuries.