Service provided:

  • Friendly, pleasant as well as informal environment.
  • Meticulous and detailed evaluations/consultation with all hand therapists on board.
  • Formulation of treatment plan including orthotic assessment.
  • Communication with operating surgeon if needed.
  • Review of operative reports or X-Rays-MRI’s if needed
  • Carry out the treatment plan on a weekly basis, two to five time/week, as advised by MD.
  • Make timely interventions in treatment due to dynamic nature of healing process, which is crucial.
  • Heat modalities including paraffin wax, hot packs, ultrasound, friction massage to improve circulation and flexibility as well as pain management. Ionto-phoresis/phono-phoresis.
  • Retro massage for edema control, scar massage & mobilization to reduce adhesions/hypertrophy.
  • Therapeutic exercises for guarded stretches to all tight structures-joints, while protecting repairs.
  • Extensive functional and kinetic activities, customized for each patient to regain hand functions.
  • Performing activities of daily living to improve the score on our functional assessment test form.
  • Cold modalities with cold packs/Cryo-massage and TEN’s for pain management and E-Stimulation to facilitate certain muscle contractions, improve tendon glides as and if needed
  • Assess & custom fabricate multiple static, static progressive, single & dual purpose dynamic splints as needed. (Each splint serves a different purpose and it’s critical to explain details to the patients)
  • Provision of multiple therapeutic supplies for edema control (compressive products), scar management (silicon products), hand exercisers and wound-care supplies s and if needed.
  • Orthotic check out at the end of each visit to ensure proper fit, comfort and effectiveness.
  • Orthotic adjustment including re-molding, re-padding, cleaning the orthosis, flaring, bubbling for relief for bony prominences (if needed), cleansing the involved area, application of baby powder and provision of new stockinet’s to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Home program review at the end with emphasis on the proper use and protocol for Orthotics.


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Treatment Plan
Manual Therapy Techniques
Functual and ADL
Home Program Splinting/Orthotic Management
Home Program Edema Control
Home Program Scar Management