Introducing Orthotic Scanner
App for iOS Devices

Able Hands has developed an app for the iphone 10++ models to capture 3D images of any body part in need of bracing and splinting.  Immobilization with bracing is a treatment of choice for many diagnoses such as fractures, tendinitis, trauma and crush injuries of the hand and arm as well as lower extremity fractures and trauma for protection and to facilitate healing.

The fibreglass casting was and still is a first line of treatment for immobilization. There are a lot of downsides of casting which is not removable, for 2-4-6 weeks, including skin hygiene and patient comfort.  It is always preferred that the patient will receive a removable orthosis as soon as possible.

Simple Three Steps Are Easy As 1-2-3

“3D scan with Able Hands Orthotic Scanner app“

Use any I-phone 10++, for 3D scanning of the visible 180  degrees of any body part.  Hand, forearm, elbow, ankle, knee etc.

“CAD” Computer Aided Design

Computer generated design as prescribed for the splint with perfect measurements to ensure perfect fit.

Print with a 3D Printer

Print beautiful, well fitting splints of any and all kinds in matter of few hours!!

We Mail splints with D-ring Velcro straps to surgeons/doctors on their follow up appointments with the patient.

Materials, colors and perforations for breathability are plenty.  Please make your preference known in the prescription.

Fill out the information below for more details and we will contact you.

Our app will empower you, the doctors and surgeons, to remotely create your own, perfectly well fitting braces for all kinds of injuries including anterior or posterior aspects for positioning or protection, bi-valved braces for complete immobilization needed for fractures of all kinds for upper or lower extremity and literally orthotics for almost any anatomical area which needs immobilization and which can be scanned.

Our app uses the depth sensor on the front of the iphone 10+ camera to capture 3D images of the visible 180 degrees.  With only a few seconds of scanning, you can get an image of the body part in need of immobilization.  Our software will then determine dimensions of that particular body part and use CAD (Computer Aided Design) to prepare the template of the brace as per your prescription and the guidance of our therapists.  The format will be sent to a 3D printer and a perfectly well fitting brace will be fabricated within 48 hours.  The brace will be cleaned and finished manually and will have D-Ring velcro straps for securing it to the part in need of immobilization.  Socks/Stockinettes and some padding will be included for extra comfort.

The braces will be mailed via USPS or Fed-Ex within 48 to 72 hours.  Telehealth sessions will be available to everyone receiving our braces to assist in fitting needs as well as instructions for edema control and proper positioning.

This app is available only through an invitation.  Please use our “Ask the Therapist” link to send us your email address so that we can send you an invite.  Thank You.