What is a Cryo-Massage?

Cryo-massage uses cryotherapy techniques to relieve pain. The massage is performed with ice or cryo-care products to relieve stress and fatigue in your body. It helps reactivate the immune system and mobilize our body’s endocrine system.

The use of cold to relieve pain has been known for thousands of years. It was used as massage therapy in olden times.

Certified hand therapists at Able Hands Rehabilitation have listed the benefits of cryo-massage therapy.

1. Reduced Arthritis Pain

A 2019 study showed that cryo-massage therapy reduces pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Instead of relieving pain in a single joint at a time, it provides relief to the whole body. It also reduces the pain intensity and stiffness in the body.

2. Helps with Mood Disorders

Cryo-massage therapy kick-starts the production of endorphins in our brain. It reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. A research study showed that it reduces deteriorating mental health and helps improve mood swings and disorders. It promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle.

3. Treating Migraines

Even though researchers haven’t been able to identify exactly why migraine pain lowers when a cool pack of ice is applied to the neck, it has shown a significant difference in the pain. The cooling effect lowers the swelling and dulls the pain.

4. Helps Manage Chronic Pain

A study showed that cryotherapy was a safe practice for reducing chronic pain in our body. It numbs the inflamed nerves. Even sports enthusiasts use cryo-massage therapy to treat repetitive sports injury pains.

5. Lowers Skin Temperature and Reduces Swelling

Experts believe that cryo-massage therapy easily reduces inflammation and swelling around the joints or tendons and eventually helps relieve the pain by minimizing the pressure.

A hand therapist putting a bandage on a child with a hand injury

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