Hand pain can become so physically and mentally challenging for a person. Since there isn’t a lot that medications can do with the injuries patients get, recovery depends majorly on the correct physical therapy.

Physical therapy, or in this case, hand therapy, plays a significant role in getting a patient’s movements back. Trauma can cause a lot of damage to the hand’s ligament, tendons, tissue, and bones. Regular physical therapy for hand injury can bring a vast improvement when that happens.

Physical therapy is of many types, and each serves a different purpose. Most hand pain is work or sports-related. Therefore you need a proper Certified Hand Therapist(CHT) that helps you with the aftermath. In what ways does a CHT help you? What are the treatment techniques? Let’s take a look.

Cold and hot therapy

The oldest treatment in the book is temperature-based therapy to relieve pain.

Light stretches and exercises

Only a CHT knows which stretches and exercises are correct for each patient. What works for one patient might not work for another. After assessing your history, lifestyle, and current conditions, physical therapists can create a custom regime for you. This way, your flexibility and strength exercises will be tailored to your needs.

Hand therapy for a hand injury.

Custom hand splinting

A hand splint is used to give support while a joint is healing. Your CHT will put a light thermoplastic material on the joint that requires care. They do this will great precision and care to not further cause damage. Also, each splint is customized according to your hand injury.

Electrical stimulation

This physical therapy treatment involves applying electric currents to strengthen the hand muscles and improve blood circulation. This treatment is done for patients who experience stinging pain and weakness in their muscles.

Retro massages

These massages are done to reduce inflammation and scarring. As hand injuries heal, they may leave scars and inflammation. Retro massages are done to deal with the aftermath of hand injuries; these are also done to increase the mobilization of muscles.

If you face any symptoms related to a hand injury and want to regain muscle movements and confidence, let our CHTs help you. At Able Hands Rehabilitation, we have been working since 1994 with hand injury patients.

Our CHTs have put in 4000 hours of physical therapy and are licensed physical and occupational therapists in Old Bridge, NJ. Our clients love our techniques for physical hand therapy in NJ; we ensure every patient is satisfied with our hand injury treatment in Edison, NJ. Contact us today for your CHT.