One of the primary things to know about hand therapy is that you must not delay it. It is the art of medical science that focuses on mitigating the muscle issues from your shoulders down to your fingertips. It may involve your shoulders, forearm, hands, and joints, including your elbow, wrist, and fingers. People who generally require hand therapy suffer from a chronic disease requiring therapeutic intervention.

Hand Therapy – what is it?

The hand therapy process is a physical treatment that focuses on the upper sections of your limbs. It’s a sustainable supplement to pain killers. The goal of hand therapy is to identify your requirements and develop a plan to assist you in restoring mobility, reducing discomfort, regaining muscle strength, and repairing injured nerves.

Who Performs Hand Therapy

The treatment is performed by professional hand therapists with an academic and professional background in several scientific stem fields, including kinesiology, physiology, and anatomy of the human body.

An occupational hand therapist (OT) or a physiotherapist (PT) are basic practicing individuals who may gain experience in the field and achieve relevant education to become Certified Hand Therapists (CHT). A CHT is state-accredited to treat pathological conditions in the limb’s upper parts, which may be caused by disease, accidents, trauma, or acquired disabilities.

The professional therapists work closely with physicians and surgeons to help rehabilitate and restore a patient’s mobility and functioning. Their course of treatment may include multiple procedures to get the best results for the patient in need.

Hand Therapy – what Does it Involve?

After close analysis of the patient’s condition, a qualified hand therapist may utilize one or a series of medical interventions. These may include:

  • Swelling treatment
  • Fine-motor treatment
  • Hand splinting
  • trigger finger therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Manual therapy
  • Wound and scar care

Occupational Therapy – what is it?

An occupational therapist’s job is not just to help you resolve your hand pain. They enable you to regain muscle strength and dynamic natural movement by using healthy everyday activities and exercises. An OT can help construct a complete plan for proper hand usage.

Hand Therapy – Benefits

There are several benefits to effective hand therapy. The procedures of hand therapy are personalized according to the patient’s needs. This personalization helps provide maximum care for your hand by suggesting relevant activities, support devices, and a customized plan to get you back towards healthy living.

If you’ve recently had hand surgery, the OT will collaborate with your surgeon to determine which treatment suits you best. They may suggest splints or several kinds of orthotics to streamline your recovery for full hand movement and functioning.

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