Have you ever seen someone wearing a custom static hand splint? Custom static hand splints are prescribed for various hand injuries such as fractures and sprains. They’re also an important recovery tool for patients suffering from chronic hand conditions such as osteoporosis. But how do they work?

Here’s a look at what a custom static splint is and how it aids in the recovery of hand injuries:

What’s a Custom Static Splint?

Custom static splints are braces designed to hold your hand at the end of its available range of motion. They differ from dynamic splints that are designed to allow the joints in your hand to move freely.

Custom static splints are made using materials such as metal, foam, or molded thermoplastic. It’s also possible to 3D-print a custom static splint to the exact measurements of a patient’s hand using computer-aided design software.

How Does It Work?

If you put on a custom static splint, your hand will be locked into place. In other words, you’ll no longer be able to move your fingers freely. This will reduce the pressure on the muscles and tendons in your fingers, allowing your joints and bones to heal optimally. It’ll also help you manage the pain in your hand—which is especially crucial if you’ve suffered a serious hand injury.

Custom static splints are typically used in conjunction with physical and occupational hand therapy to rehabilitate a hand injury. It’s common for patients to start off wearing a static splint before switching to a dynamic splint once their hand has healed sufficiently. If you’ve suffered a hand injury, it’s best to consult a certified hand therapist to know if you require custom hand splinting.

Where Can You Get One?

If you want to get a custom static splint, your best bet is to find a certified hand therapist that specializes in making them. If you get your hand therapy and custom static splint from different places, chances are you’ll end up with a splint that doesn’t fit your hand properly! This will leave you frustrated and prolong your healing time.

We recommend reaching out to a reputable hand therapy clinic that creates high-quality custom static splints using computer-aided design software. Try searching for hand therapists that use 3D printing to create tailor-made static splints. This will ensure you get a splint that’s durable and fits your hand perfectly.

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