In the intricate choreography of daily life, our fingers are virtuosos that compose the symphony of our actions.

Yet, when a common condition like a trigger finger, medically known as stenosing tenosynovitis, disrupts this fluid performance, the resulting discomfort can hinder even the simplest of movements. In order to get rid of the excruciating pain and discomfort that comes with this issue, hand therapy can do wonders.

Able Hands Rehabilitation has a team of certified hand therapists, serving in New Jersey areas. We offer professional hand therapy for treating trigger fingers as well as other hand problems.

In this piece, we’ll discuss trigger fingers in detail and how hand therapists treat it.

Understanding Trigger Fingers: Causes and Symptoms

A trigger finger occurs when the tendons responsible for finger movement become inflamed or irritated. This leads to difficulties in smoothly bending or straightening the affected finger, often causing it to “catch” or “lock” in a bent position.

The condition typically affects the thumb, ring finger, or middle finger. Repetitive hand motions, conditions like diabetes, and underlying inflammatory disorders are common culprits behind trigger fingers.

Hand Therapy’s Essential RoleIn Treating Trigger Fingers

Hand therapy emerges as a pivotal ally in treating trigger fingers, offering a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation.

With a focus on personalized care, hand therapists delve into the complexities of each case, tailoring treatment strategies that not only alleviate discomfort but also restore full-finger mobility. Here’s how hand therapists treat trigger fingers:

1. Assessment and Diagnosis

Hand therapists begin by conducting a thorough assessment to understand the severity of the trigger finger. They evaluate the affected finger’s range of motion, the presence of pain or locking, and the patient’s overall hand health.

This assessment guides the therapist in tailoring a personalized treatment plan that addresses the patient’s specific needs.

2. Manual Therapy

Occupational therapists utilize manual techniques to reduce inflammation, release adhesions, and promote smooth movement of the tendons within the affected finger. They apply gentle pressure and manipulation to the affected area, aiming to alleviate discomfort and improve the gliding motion of the tendons.

3. Therapeutic Exercises

Targeted exercises play a crucial role in treating trigger fingers. Certified hand therapists design exercises that focus on enhancing finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. These exercises help to reduce tension within the inflamed tendons, encouraging improved finger movement and alleviating symptoms of locking or catching.

4. Customized Splinting

Hand therapists may recommend custom splints to support the affected finger’s position and minimize strain on the inflamed tendons. Splinting can help keep the finger in a neutral or extended position, allowing the tendons to heal and glide smoothly. These splints are tailored to the patient’s specific needs and are often used during rest or sleep.

A hand therapist putting a splint on a patient’s hand

5. Patient Education

Education is an integral part of hand therapy. Hand therapists empower patients with a deep understanding of trigger finger causes, prevention, and self-management strategies. Patients learn to recognize triggers, adopt protective measures, and actively participate in their recovery journey.

6. Monitoring and Progression

As treatment progresses, hand therapists continuously monitor the patient’s response to therapy. They assess improvements in range of motion, pain levels, and overall hand function. Adjustments are made to the treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal progress and healing.

Trust Able Hands RehabilitationFor Treating Trigger Fingers

Hand therapists play a pivotal role in the management and treatment of trigger fingers. Through their expertise and compassionate guidance, hand therapists provide a path to relief and renewed hand mobility for individuals affected by trigger fingers.

At Able Hands Rehabilitation, we provide professional hand therapy for treating trigger fingers. We have a team of physical therapists for hands, with over 4000 hands-on treatment hours under their belt. We have been serving Edison, Freehold, Old Bridge, and other New Jersey areas with exceptional hand treatments for the past 25 years.

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