Injuries to the tendons in the hands can severely limit a person’s freedom of movement and make it difficult to perform routine chores.

Even after conducting surgery, it takes specialized care to promote healing and restore strength, flexibility, and hand function after an injury. A physical therapist for hands can help the injured to regain optimal hand function.

When treating a hand tendon injury, nobody does it better than Able Hands Rehabilitation. Our expert hand therapists are committed to developing individualized treatment plans that help patients restore strength, mobility, and hand function. We have been in this field for the past 25 years, treating patients in the New Jersey areas.

Here’s a complete guide on how to deal with a hand tendon injury.

What Are Some Common Causes Of a Hand Tendon Injury?

Tendons are connective tissues that join bone to muscle, enabling easy movement. When tendons are affected, it results in inflammation, pain, swelling, immobility, etc. Hand tendon injuries can be caused due to various reasons:

  • Excessive mechanical stress
  • Crushing of fingers and hand
  • Cuts from mishandling sharp objects
  • Direct impact like falls, or a punch, etc.
  • Weakening of tendons with age
  • Repetitive strain

How To Deal With a Hand Tendon Injury?

In case of severe hand tendon injury, surgery is performed, where the doctor stitches the tendons. However, even after surgery, these injuries need attention and care. There are some common hand injury treatments conducted by physical therapists for hands.


Protecting the injured tendons and allowing them to heal properly may necessitate splinting. The hand can heal more quickly with less stress on the wounded tendons thanks to the support and stabilization provided by a custom static splint.

An image showing a hand therapist putting a splint on a woman's hand


Rehabilitation from a hand tendon injury is often aided by therapeutic activities. Various exercises can help in healing. The range of motion, strength, and flexibility of the hand and fingers are the primary targets of these workouts.

Hand therapists direct you through a set of exercises designed to strengthen and stretch the precise muscles and tendons that are causing you discomfort.

Strategies for Pain Management:

Pain management is an essential aspect of any rehabilitation program. To help you feel more at ease while you’re healing, occupational therapists may employ pain management procedures like heat or cold treatment, electrical stimulation, or ultrasound.

Hot-cold therapy helps with pain and inflammation and improves blood circulation.

Trust ExperiencedAble Hands RehabilitationHand Therapists To Treat Your Hand Tendon Injury

Recovering from a tendon injury in your hand might be difficult, but with the appropriate therapy, it can e achieved.This therapy can be provided by a professional therapist.

At Able Hands Rehabilitation, we specialize in treating hand tendon injuries using various individualized therapeutic approaches. Our mission is to assist people in regaining strength, flexibility, and function in their hands; therefore, our certified hand therapists offer treatment for hand pain and injuries.

We have been providing hand injury treatment in Edison, Freehold, Old Bridge, and other New Jersey areas for the past 25 years and have logged in 4000 hands-on treatment hours.

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