In this digital age, almost every work is done via computers and the internet. But here’s a quick question:

Why do you work?

Well, the answer is quite simple; to earn money and live a better life. But what if this continuous work can lead to issues that can lead to losing money?

Well, the prevalence of computer use for office work in the modern day has led to an increase in the number of people who suffer from hand injuries.

These injuries can be painful, which can cause issues in office work and daily tasks. Therefore, it is vital to incorporate some preventive measures recommended by certified hand therapists.

Able Hands Rehabilitation has a team of professional, experienced physical therapists for hands, providing exceptional hand injury treatments in Edison, Old Bridge, Freehold, and other New Jersey areas for over 25 years.

What Are The Common Computer Users’ Hand Injuries?

With the laptop market expected to grow from 2020 to 2024, the issues such as hand injuries will grow as well.

Long-term computer use has been linked to carpal tunnel syndrome, a disorder characterized by pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. Tendonitis can also develop in the hands and wrists from the repetitive actions of typing.

Apart from this, a trigger finger, in which a finger becomes permanently bent due to repetitive bending, can develop from excessive mouse use. Due to these conditions, the person experiences hand and finger pain, numbness, discomfort, and tingling.

How To Prevent Common Computer Users’ Hand Injuries?

Exercises Recommended By Expert Hand Therapists

  • To loosen up your joints and increase your range of motion, try gently spreading your fingers apart and then closing them into a fist.
  • You can increase your wrist flexibility and reduce tension by rotating your wrists clockwise and anticlockwise motions.
  • To strengthen your hands and fingers and increase your grip strength, try squeezing a stress ball or another soft item and concentrating on tightening and releasing your hand and finger muscles.

Workplace Behavior

  • Include brief rest periods throughout the day to prevent repetitive stress injuries in your hands and wrists. Tension can be reduced and blood flow increased with light stretching during breaks.
  • Ensure your wrists are straight while typing by placing the keyboard and mouse at a convenient height.
  • Avoid applying unnecessary pressure on the fingers by typing gently.

An image showing straightened wrists due to the mouse and keyboard being at an appropriate height

Protect Yourself From Hand Injuries With Able Hands Rehabilitation’s Professional Assistance

Office personnel and computer users can greatly reduce their risk of hand injuries by adopting suitable behavior, engaging in regular hand exercises, and seeing a professional.

If you’re having problems with your hands, it’s best to see a certified hand therapist at Able Hands Rehabilitation. We have been prescribing targeted exercises and other treatments for hand pain for the past 25 years.

Our dedicated team focuses on customer satisfaction and providing top-quality hand pain therapy for computer users with hand injuries, which has enabled us to accumulate over 4000 treatment hours.

So, you risk developing a hand injury if you work on the computer all the time. So, call us at 732-727-7333 or contact us today and let us help you steer clear of hand injuries.